Senator Ross Appointed to Public Health Commission

October 19, 2016

Boston – Senator Richard Ross has been appointed by Senate Minority Leader, Senator Bruce Tarr, to the Special Commission on Local and Regional Public Health. This commission will work to assess the effectiveness and efficiency of municipal and regional public health systems in the Commonwealth.

“As a member of the Joint Committee on Public Health I have always held a high standard for public health systems in the state. I am eager to review statewide health care so that we can find ways to better improve these resources for citizens of the Commonwealth,” said Senator Ross.

The commission will aim to examine the capacity of local and regional public health authorities in comparison to national public health standards as well as evaluate workforce credentials, existing municipal and state resources, and determine the commonwealth’s progress towards achieving recommendations by the Massachusetts regionalization advisory commission.

This group will be chaired by the commissioner of public health and will consist of members of the legislature, the commissioner of environmental protection, the commissioner of agricultural resources, and other representatives from various public health associations in Massachusetts.

By July 31, 2017, the commission will submit its final report to the governor, the joint committee on public health and the house and senate committee on ways and means. The report will include a summary of the commission’s findings including a review of the strengths and weaknesses of the local public health system in Massachusetts as well as recommendations on sharing resources, data reporting, and ways to strengthen the public health workforce.

Please contact the office of Senator Ross with any questions or concerns at (617) 722-1555 or


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