Senator Ross Appointed to Public Records Working Group

October 28, 2016

Boston – Senator Richard Ross has been appointed by Senate Minority Leader, Senator Bruce Tarr, to a working group charged with reviewing and evaluating the application of the public records law as it relates to law enforcement. This working group will review the function and efficiency of the public records law in regards to police department records, judicial decisions, and confidentiality concerns.

“As someone who has always held a high standard for the transparency of public records, I am more than willing to take part in this working group,” said Senator Ross. “I believe it is necessary to validate that all public records are kept unrestricted, while simultaneously ensuring the discretion of necessary police documents.”

The group’s purpose is to determine the effectiveness of the public records law to ensure its confidentiality and transparency within law enforcement. Senator Ross, along with other members of the commission, will review determinations of records and issue findings regarding the public interest in releasing police records, privacy concerns of records kept by police departments, and the criminal offender record information system.

The group will be chaired by the secretary of the Commonwealth and will consist of members of the legislature, the secretary of public safety and security, the attorney general, and other representatives from various law enforcement associations in Massachusetts.

A report of the group’s findings and recommendations, along with any drafts of legislation, is to be filed before December 30, 2017.

Please contact the office of Senator Ross with any questions or concerns at (617) 722-1555 or


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