Ross Backs Measures to Protect Veterans’ Hiring Practices

April 7, 2017

Boston – State Senator Richard Ross (R-Wrentham) is co-sponsoring legislation along with Representative John Velis (D-Westfield) and Senator Michael Rush (D-West Roxbury), that would restore a hiring preference for veterans in all public safety jobs in the Commonwealth and ensure that veterans continue to be prioritized during such hiring processes.

“The Civil Service law recognizes the need to provide preferential treatment to veterans in the hiring process. However, if a town decides to opt out of this system, it is crucial that there is a method in place to protect these experienced and qualified veterans among the hiring practices of local police and fire departments,” said Senator Ross.

A potential unintended consequence of municipalities opting out of the Civil Service system has been veterans no longer receiving the hiring preference provided to them under the law. Without the Civil Service law giving preference to qualified veterans, towns may possibly hire fewer veterans for town public safety positions. If enacted, this legislation could elevate any such concerns.

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