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Small Business Spotlight: Thrive Adult Primary Care


Small Business Spotlight: Thrive Adult Primary Care

I recently visited with Dr. Mary Medeiros, the owner and practitioner of Thrive Adult Primary Care.  Dr. Medeiros has been offering direct primary care to her patients since opening her doors in September. Direct Primary Care is a relatively new concept of patient care – in short, it is concierge level quality and medical service for the everyday person. Thrive Adult Primary Care is upheld by patient fees, without any third party interference (i.e. insurance companies), so that Dr. Medeiros’ practices can provide around-the-clock availability, relaxed and thorough office visits, personalized attention, and in many ways, actual cost savings to her patients. Depending on a few factors such as age and medical needs, a monthly fee of $50-$150 is required which then gives you all the amenities listed above, along with home visits.


This model of care has been in existence since 2010, with only 1,000 practices in the US and only twelve throughout the Commonwealth. By using this grassroots approach to patient care, it puts primary care medicine into the free market, making services to patients more cost effective and personal. If you are looking for a new and innovative approach to your medical needs, I would advise you to visit Dr. Medeiros’s practice to learn more about how she can apply her principles and practices to your quality of life. For more information please visit

Small Business Spotlight: KeynectUp


Small Business Spotlight: KeynectUp

I had the pleasure of visiting KeynectUp recently, a tech start-up company based in Wellesley. The company, which opened this past October, is a tool to deliver information and support in a fast and efficient way to customers.  Each school, business or person that has a KeynectUp “card” can give out their information to their students, constituents or consumers with one quick text via your smartphone. By texting a specific number with each customer’s “key”, you are instantly delivered all their phone numbers, important e-mail addresses, associated websites, background information, biographies, social media accounts, emergency information, and more. You are then able to download this information on your phone as a contact and are able to bring up the information within seconds under that contact’s name.  In a world that is getting tired of apps, KeynectUp is a refreshing change. If you are looking to make your students safer, make it easier for your customers to contact you, or deliver more leads than you you have ever had from an event, then KeynectUp is your solution.

KeynectUp was kind enough to show me how this experience works by giving my office our own key card. My constituents are now able to have all my contact information, easier access to my website as well as key legislation that I am working on, social media accounts, etc. All you have to do is text ROSS to 444-999.


If you are looking for more information or are interested in seeing how KeynectUp can help your business, school or consumer access, please go to


Small Business Spotlight: Sherborn Fuel, Sherborn

Small Business Spotlight: Sherborn Fuel, Sherborn

May 23, 2017

I had the opportunity to stop by a store that I routinely pass by on my commute into the State House. Alex Weatherall, owner of Sherborn Fuel, invited me to tour his gas station and convenience store. Located at 21 South Main Street in Sherborn, Alex and his wife opened the gas station about 7 years ago and have made small improvements throughout the years.

Inside you can find food, drinks, beer, wine, a small restaurant to order pizza, and a Dunkin Donuts. With around 5 employees, Alex says his small business is all owed to them, as well as the great customers that continually utilize his store.

Please stop in to refuel and say hello to Alex when you are in the Sherborn area!